RXVIP Cares Introduces a Powerful New Tool In the Fight Against Avoidable Emergency Room Visits


The Wellness Prescription Check-Up Helps Prevent Drug Errors That Currently Result in Over 100,000 Avoidable Deaths Per Year in the United States.

Our Pharmacist Care team collects your information from all your doctors and  pharmacies and then provides you with the reports and information you need to eliminate unnecessary drugs, take the right drugs at the right dose, and safely and effectively reduce the cost of your medications without risking your health.

Our pharmacists never make any changes without your doctor’s approval. Our goal is to provide you with everything you need to have the right discussion with your doctor to help improve your personal health care outcomes.

The Telehealth Consultation that helps you

  • Prevent the drugs you take from killing you…
  • Discover the correct drugs to use for your personal DNA make-up…
  • Reduce the risk of Cardiac Death…
  • Prevent costly hospital visits…
  • Save hundreds of dollars on your medical and drug bills each year…

… and much, MUCH more!

And best of all… you’ll start get the information you need with “The Wellness Prescription Check-up” in about One Week.

So again, if you’re a A person taking prescription medications, understand this:

  • We will coordinate the work of all your doctors and pharmacies to get you the best answers possible.
  • We will perform a complete review of all drug-drug, drug allergy, and drug diagnosis interactions.
  • We will determine if you are taking medications that are risky because of your genetic makeup.
  • We will find ways to save you money without compromising your health.
  • We will arm you with the information you need to take get the care you deserve for yourself or a loved one

Get Onboard With “The Wellness Prescription Check-up” Now!

Important Notice

Physicians are busy and rarely have the time to thoroughly review all your medications and the risks they pose to your health. In addition, you may receive care from multiple physicians who do not share all your medication records. Therefore, this report is designed to take to your physicians so you can hold productive conversations about ways to reduce your health risks and improve your health outcomes. Our goal is to help each of your caregivers better serve you by making them aware of your complete medication record and the hidden risks that may be present based on your unique regimen and genetic make-up.

Please understand that: CareONE Direct LLC dba RXVIP Concierge and RXVIP Cares are providing this service as an educational service.

Under no circumstances should you use the information we provide to make any changes to your medication regimen or care plan without getting the approval of your physician.