Toxic Prescription Errors Actually Force Two Million People to Go To the Emergency Room Each Year

We have created a screening tool to estimate your risk of having a medication related incident in the near future. This should not take the place of professional advice from your primary care physician. The FDA has not approved the tool.  Nor  has any other government agency.  It is simply a tool to give you a heads up on the real risks when taking prescription drugs. Many senior citizens take more than ten medications from several physicians, and then shop at multiple pharmacies to save money. But this leaves them exposed to many risks due to lack of coordination among caregivers.

The risks from medications are magnified:

  1. As your age increases
  2. As your Kidney and/or Liver function, change
  3. As the number of medications and supplements you take increases.
  4. As the number of chronic diseases you have increases, such as Diabetes, Hypertension, Heart Failure, Asthma or Excess weight.
  5. As you fail to take your medications correctly.
  6. Based on your unique genetic make-up.
  7. Based on your hydration status.
  8. Based on adherence to your medication regimen.


It just takes a minute to answer these simple questions to find out whether you or someone you love is at LOW RISK, MODERATE RISK, or SIGNIFICANT RISK of a adverse drug event.