We provide direct patient encounters via telehealth under the direction of our physician partners to ensure that each patient gets the right drug at the right dose at a cost they can afford.

The Healthcare System Is Broken. Patients Are Not Receiving The Care

They Deserve. And it is Time This Got Fixed.

Prescription Drug Regimens Have Become Extremely Complex. More People Take More Drugs and Spend More Money On Healthcare Than at Any Point in Our History.

The Variety of Drug Treatment Options Expands Daily. And Physicians, Nurse Practitioners, and Physician’s Assistants Are So Overworked That It Is Impossible to Keep Up With The Details on All The Drugs That People Take.

In Addition, Our Health Care System Has Become Disjointed, Unoordinated and Inflexible. Patients See Multiple Physicians, Obtain Their Medications From Multiple Pharmacies, and Payers Drive Clinical Decisions in Their Own Best Interest.

This Has Disrupted the Traditional Provider Patient Relationship and Made Accurate Care Coordination Virtually Impossible.

The Unfortunate Consequence of this Insanity is:

Over 250,000 People Die and, More than 1.75 Million People Require an Emergency Room Visit Each Year, Because of An Adverse Drug Reaction.

There Are Three Main Reasons That Prescription Medication Therapy Poses One of the Most Dangerous Risks To Patients With Chronic Disease

Incomplete Medication Records

Patient Medication Records in Doctors’ Charts Are Frequently Not Accurate. Many Powerful Prescription Drugs Are Now Available Over The Counter And Patients Fail to Include These On Their Medication Lists.

No Provider Has All The Information They Need to Actually Analyze The Potential Interactions and Adverse Effects These Drugs Can Cause.

Outdated Work Flows

The Time and Energy Required to Manage A Busy Medical Practice Has Become Overwhelming. Providers can’t Work Any Harder or Longer Than They Already Do.

The Solution Is To Work Smarter. Our Clinical Pharmacist Team Functions as An Extension of Your Care Team to Provide Virtual Services That Free Up Your Time to Focus On Your Core Competencies.

Patient Mis-education

The Wide Availability of “Information” On The Internet Provides Patients With Just Enough Confidence to Make Poor Decisions About Their Medications.

Patients Frequently Make Drug Therapy Decisions Based on the Advice of Friends, Neighbors, and Websites. And Many of These Decisions Are Unintentionally Detrimental to Their Health.

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