Outdated Workflow

The world has changed due to the COVID pandemic.

Prior to the pandemic, only a small percentage of patients had ever experienced a virtual patient care appointment. Now everyone has become proficient at using computers, tablets and smartphones to communicate with their health care providers. While Telehealth is inappropriate for some types of doctor visits, it is certainly a viable option for many low fidelity patient provider communications. Whether you consider this a good thing or not the reality is that Telehealth is here to stay.

The good news is that using a telehealth model offers many new opportunities to provide care in a cost-effective and time saving manner. It is now possible to use a virtual care team to assist you in an on demand done for you format, without having to invest in the salary and benefits of a full time employee.

Consider these possibilities for Physicians.

  1. Most new patient on boarding activities could be offloaded to a virtual team . This team could have a complete up to date patient record for you ready to go before your initial patient visit.
  2. Any time you needed a patient to undergo a Comprehensive Medication Regimen Review, you can order this just like a lab test.
  3. Patients that require remote patient monitoring or chronic care management could be monitored, so that you would only be notified when a physician level decision had to be made.
  4. And you can offload cost saving and life saving pharmacogenomic tests to a clinical expert who can provide you with a customized patient recommendation based on the PGX Test.

These same types of Cost saving and life saving services can be provided on demand to payers, employers, and state Medicaid programs to reduce the health spend.

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