Did You Know that 4 Billion Prescriptions are Dispensed Each Year in the United States?

The estimates are that 66% of Americans take at least one prescription medication, and that for people who take prescription drugs, the average number of prescriptions they take is four. Americans are overmedicated and under treated.

The reality is that many patients don’t realize they may be throwing their money down the drain because of misinformation or misunderstandings about how to take their medication properly.

This short video explains 3 of the most common reasons why the doctor prescribed medications you are taking may not actually be working.

The three Dumb Reasons that your prescription medications may not be working are:

The Science of Pharmacogenomics has shown that many drugs need their dosages increased based on your unique genetic make-up. In other cases, the drug may not work at all based on your DNA. A simple cheek swab test of your DNA can provide the information we need to get you on the Right drug at the right dose.

Based on the way a drug is absorbed, metabolized and then eliminated from your blood stream, the manufacturer designs every drug to produce the correct blood level to be safe and effective. Taking your drug at the wrong time or frequency can render it useless.

Then the last reason is because people are on so many drugs and lead busy lives, they frequently forget or refuse to take their medications. Obviously, no drug will provide any benefit if you never take it. Estimates are that less than 50% of prescription medications are taken as directed.