Independent Drug Store Owners

Less than 30 years ago, the key to success in owning an independent pharmacy was to have a prominent location and provide excellent service. Now you have to micromanage every transaction to avoid going bankrupt.  The practice of pharmacy has become complicated in a climate where pharmacy benefit managers and insurance companies can erode your profit margins and claw back money they’ve already paid you.

And yet, the customers who shop in independent drugstores have made the personal decision not to shop at a big-box or chain drug store. The customers have made that decision because they value the relationship they have with the independent drug store. The respect and trust a community has with their independent drug store owner is palpable. However, few owners have capitalized on this trust by offering additional services to their patient base.

Many people have been talking about providing clinical services from the independent pharmacy. Many fine organizations are striving to rally owners to perform these services. But owners already working long hours and struggling to pay bills simply don’t have the bandwidth or capital to invest in providing these services. 

Add RX VIP Concierge, we can provide patient care services on your behalf using our pharmacists via a remote Telehealth modality. What this means is you can begin offering clinical services to your patients and generate additional revenue without having to invest upfront in payroll and benefits.

No two situations are identical, so contact us if you would like to know more about the types of services available.

Some services that our pharmacists provide include:

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