Physicians And Physician Practices

Physicians and physician practices have been hit hard by the COVID pandemic. Many have lost significant revenue and struggle to afford sufficient staff to add new services and improve their patient outcomes. Most policy enforcement bureaucrats have been lenient during the COVID pandemic, but once the health care system returns, the continued regulatory intrusion into physician quality metrics will continue unabated. It is extremely difficult for physicians to work any longer or harder than they have been already.

At RXVIP Concierge, we customize a solution for physician practices to increase practice revenue, improve patient outcomes, improve practice quality metrics, and do this in a way that does not negatively impact practice cash flow.

We typically embed a clinical pharmacist in your practice as a member of your care team to perform clinical services on behalf of your Medicare patients. These services can include various clinical support options for you and your team.

We can provide remote patient monitoring services for diabetic, hypertension, and weight loss patients. We can perform annual wellness visits, thorough medication management reviews, prescription wellness check-ups, pharmacogenomic informed medication updates, and robust support for your care team.

As we all know, much of healthcare is medication related.  Our pharmacists are clinical experts in drug product selection, the prevention of drug adverse reactions, and improving patient compliance and adherence through patient education, cost savings analysis and therapeutic substitutions. 

No two practices have the same needs, so please contact us if you are interested in exploring how we can help your practice generate new revenue at no out-of-pocket cost to you.

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Physicians And Physician Practices

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