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We strongly believe that the traditional academic environment cannot keep up with the pace of change in the healthcare landscape. We develop, revise and deliver content that is topical, timely and relevant to practice. The COVID pandemic has dramatically shifted the health care landscape, and it will be years before traditional curricula catch up. We therefore offer various educational resources to help our partner academic institutions educate, empower and inspire the next generation of pharmacists to thrive in the 21st century. We offer 100% virtual academic rotations where students can get real patient care experiences using a remote telehealth platform. As the industry has rapidly moved towards routine patients visits via Telehealth, we morph dire entire business strategy to deliver care via Telehealth, and teach these skills to students, pharmacists, educators, and physicians.

Even when the normal rotations began to allow students to return to the physical practice sites, we continue to work with over 35 universities to:

In addition, we provide multiple courses, mini courses, training programs and mentoring for pharmacists seeking to begin their own consulting practices or add services to their existing businesses.

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