Clinical software licensing

RXVIP concierge is the clinical services arm of care one direct LLC. We have negotiated master licenses for powerful clinical decision support software, as well as the tools required to provide virtual care via Telehealth. In addition, no medical practice can thrive in the insurance dominated business landscape in which we live without accurate, timely and billing revenue cycle management strategies. We have partnered with a powerful billing clearing house to also offer a billing solution that provides many sophisticated and advanced features.

We interface with our clients in various ways, because no two practices have identical needs. With our software licensing option, we make these powerful tools available for a simple license fee if you wish to provide your own staff and labor to perform:  

In addition, we provide multiple courses, mini courses, training programs and mentoring for pharmacists seeking to begin their own consulting practices or add services to their existing businesses.

Please contact us to get more information that we can tailor to your needs.

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