Incomplete Medication Lists Are Just the Beginning of the Problem

If the doctor is working with an inaccurate medication list it is possible the therapeutic decision could be based on faulty information. This simply cannot help improve patient outcomes. 

In addition to the challenges of keeping a chart up to date, the fact is that patient self-reported data is rarely 100% accurate. It takes time and expertise to discover the true list of all the substances a patient is or is not taking.

And the simple reality is that they tell their pharmacist things that they won’t tell their doctor.

Patients are often embarrassed to tell their doctor they are not taking their medication as prescribed.

Quality care begins with identifying the medications, supplements, OTC’s and recreational drugs they actually take, and obtaining an accurate estimate of their actual adherence to the regimen. If the issue is cost we can work to find less expensive therapeutic options. if the issue is side effects, we can perform a comprehensive review to determine the root cause.

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