Pharmacogenetics (PGx) Advocate

Pharmacogenetics (PGx) Advocate

Pharmacogenetic (PGX) testing helps physicians find more personalized, effective, and safer medicine by understanding the patient’s ability to metabolize medications, reducing adverse effects, avoiding drug interactions, and time-consuming drug trials. PGX studies have provided an overwhelming amount of evidence regarding the influence of genetic variations and drug responses. Awareness of the genetic variations of a patient with a response to certain drugs can help physicians decide which type of drug therapy may be appropriate and most effective for individual patients and can also help the physician avoid drugs that may cause adverse reactions. Several drugs can cause severe or life-threatening reactions in patients with certain genetic variations. Some patients may experience sub-therapeutic or ineffective responses with certain drugs due to genetic variations.

A PGx Advocate is trained to provide an enhanced level of support to the provider by delivering consultations and education to give physicians the power to provide better care through precision medication management.

The PGX Advocate works remotely and is trained to quickly translate complex genetic data and test result reports with evidence-based data as reference for the calls which will be routed to you by our new integrated phone system.

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