Dr. Alston’s Talk: Increase Revenue and Improve Outcomes by Adding a PharmD to Your Team

President and CEO of RX VIP concierge doctor Greg Alston will speak to the Concierge Medicine Forum being held  October 21-23, 2021. He will explain to concierge physicians how they can increase revenue, improve their quality metrics and do so at no out of pocket cost by working with a Concierge Pharmacist. . Concierge Medicine Today LLC organizes the event which is The Industry’s Annual Medical Education Conference.

Concierge Medicine is a Mindset so is Concierge Pharmacy

Concierge Medicine is an emerging practice model. Physicians who are tired of the rigid CPT code-driven fast-paced version of health care are turning to a model in which they spend much more time and attention with each patient. Concierge Physicians deliver a much more patient centric form of care.

RXVIP Concierge began as an in-practice pharmacist care model when Pharmacist and Founder Ken Sternfeld partnered with his local concierge physician Dr. Michael Goodman to begin offering Wellness prescription checkups to patients in office in 2015. Dr. Goodman’s patients appreciated Ken’s time and attention as he provided them with a variety of services.  A Concierge Pharmacist does not dispense drugs but instead provides care, compassion and empathy to solve patient’s health challenges.

COVID Changed the World of Healthcare

When the COVID pandemic hit the US Healthcare landscape was forever changed. The pandemic exposed several weaknesses in the provision of primary care services. We converted to 100% virtual care to serve our patients.

1- When patients are afraid to enter the doctor’s office they opt out of care. Chronic disease goes untreated.
2- When rural patients were left isolated from access to physicians. Chronic disease went untreated.
3- When practices re-opened physicians were struggling to staff and provide care safely and effectively.

The Pharmacist as a Team Care Solution

At RXVIP, we recognized that with every momentous challenge comes opportunity. We began working with doctors to provide remote monitoring, medication management, pharmacy services and cost-saving strategies to patients in need. Essentially, we work with providers to provide care through our own HIPAA compliant patient care system. The doctor provides better care, improved outcomes, and increased practice revenue.

If you want to learn more, register to attend the event in Atlanta in October 21-23 2021.

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