Wellness Prescription CheckUps

The Wellness Prescription CheckUp (WPC) is a face-to-face consultation delivered in the physician’s office by a trained Concierge Pharmacist who reviews all aspects of the patient’s health record and medication regimen. This annual WPC includes the collection and evaluation of vitals, lab tests, patient history, patient’s chief complaints and overall disease state assessment.

The patient will receive consultation and counseling on the benefits of Pharmacogenetic (PGx) testing, as a cost-saving and life-saving simple solution that will help reduce the risk of Adverse Drug Reactions. This simple 2-min cheek swab saliva test is something every patient taking multiple medications should ask their doctor to provide. The PGx test is covered by Medicare, Medicaid (selected states) and a growing list of commercial insurances.

The Concierge Service Provider (CSP) will address the patients overall care plan and then enroll eligible Medicare patients into a personalized and specific Chronic Care Management program. This monthly care coordination from your personal patient team member will support your clinical needs, plus review the results of the PGx tests with their primary care physician. With your consent, we will also communicate the information to all other approved caregivers and/or health care providers who are working together to keep you healthy.

These comprehensive face to face value-based WPC services, delivered by trained Concierge Pharmacists or PharmDs right in your physician’s office are covered by Medicare, Medicaid and all commercial insurances, under the patient’s medical benefit plan. Appointments can be scheduled on “Pharmacy Friday” or other convenient times during the week when the Pharmacist is in the office.

Wellness Prescription CheckUps are recommended for all patients at least twice a year. With the changing landscape of prescriptions not on patient lists of drugs covered by insurances, or those now requiring PriorAuthorizations, all these considerations make it difficult to control the out of pocket expenses for medications and overall health care.

These 15-20 minute Wellness Prescription CheckUps can also help you identified cost-saving and life-savings solutions for you and your loved ones, which we would be happy to assist you with.

Medicare patients who meet the Chronic Care Management guidelines can then be easily enrolled in the RXVP Concierge care program, powered by CCM Health, a leader in the delivery of patient care. Eligible patients will then receive on-going monthly clinical support and consultations provided in the comfort of their own home, as a covered Medicare benefit, like any other in-office visit.

Experience the measurable rewards of having your own personal Concierge Service Provider (CSP), working with your physician, so as a team they can help you manage your health and your life.

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